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“You are going to do this in my home?” Why yes, yes I am! I am now providing physical therapy services to children in their homes and communities! I am so excited about this adventure! There are so many benefits to having home-based therapy services and here are the top 10 benefits of having therapy at home:Kyler03

  1. Convenience! Your therapist comes to you, so you don’t have to round-up all the kids, pack them in the car, drive across town (or the vast desert in our case), and sit in a waiting room. He or she comes right to your door in the convenience of your home.
  2. What we do in therapy can be done at home! So many times in the clinic, parents think, “Well that’s wonderful you can get him to do {enter gross motor skill or task} here in the clinic, but how can I get him to do that at home?” The “clinic” now is your home, so your therapist can help you help your child succeed at doing {enter gross motor skill or task} inside your home. Your therapist will utilize what you have around the house to make you and your child succeed!
  3. Privacy! You won’t have to worry about running into that nosey co-worker in the parking lot wondering what you are here for. In the privacy of your home, only those you are closest to will be present for your child’s treatment.
  4. Motivating! You and your family can all be cheerleaders for success. Even the family dog can be used as a motivator during therapy sessions.
  5. Functional! If there is a particular task your child is having problems with at home, you can show your therapist exactly what that task is. Maybe she has trouble climbing into her bed . . . well, she can work on it in the real-life environment of her bedroom!
  6. Comfort! Many children may become nervous about going into a medical clinic because they associate it with getting shots at the doctor. Not so when the therapist comes to the home. Your therapist will be on your child’s turf instead of the other way around.
  7. Everyone can be involved! The entire family is welcome and encouraged to join in during therapy sessions. It makes it more motivating and natural when siblings are there to play with, or grandma can help with an activity.
  8. Community! Not only can you have therapy sessions at home, but in the community as well. Maybe the stairs going up into church are cumbersome . . . well let’s meet at church so your kiddo can work on that goal. Or your kiddo has trouble going down the slide on the playground . . . let’s meet at the park. There are endless opportunities: bowling alley, hiking trails, beach, school, grandpa’s house, etc.
  9. Collaboration! Does your child need new orthotics (braces)? Or a new wheelchair? Your therapist can meet you at the orthotist’s office, or help the wheelchair supplier with measurements and customization of your kiddo’s new wheelchair. It is very beneficial to have your health care providers work hand-in-hand!
  10. Safety and Health! Being in the comfort and safety of your home is vital for children who are chronically ill and fragile. When your therapist meets at your home, your child is not exposed to the germs of everyone who has been in the clinic waiting room. He or she is also not exposed to the extreme temperatures outside or the wind and allergens in the air during transport.

What benefits do you see with having therapy in your home? What locations in the community would be the most fun to meet for therapy? Comment your ideas! I would love to hear them!

Welcome to My Web Log!

February 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

_MG_4642Welcome to my very first post!  I am Tricia McNeil and my passion is in my profession as a pediatric physical therapist.  I just began my own business (called Therapy Accomplished, check it out!) providing pediatric physical therapy to children in their home or community environment.  It is quite the adventure I am starting!

In addition to starting my business, I decided that I want to start this Web Log {aka: Blog} to share information with others.  I plan to share a variety of information I have learned or researched that can help families, specifically families with a child with special needs.  I also want to provide a place for therapists to use to get ideas to encourage the children and families they treat.

This may include:

  • Great books for families and/or therapists,
  • Classes that are in the community for parents and/or therapists,
  • Community events for children,
  • The best toys,
  • The best (and worst) equipment for babies and/or children,
  • Topics on gross motor skills,
  • Fine motor skills,
  • Behavior,
  • Specific diagnoses in the media,
  • Etc.

It will definitely be a work in progress!

If anyone reading this knows me, they know I love to learn . . . about everything!  I love the process of learning and growing with the new knowledge I have gained.  I have so much to learn in the blogging world, as I am very new to it.   I hope to get others excited about the world of learning and obtain new knowledge that will help them succeed.

What information are you interested in learning about?  Or what is something new you learned recently that you wish you could share with the world?  Please leave a comment to share.  I’d love to hear from you and hope to see you here often.