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I have recently been introduced to SNAC – Special Needs Advocacy Coalition, which is a community network in Mohave County dedicated to  supporting and assisting in the collaboration of special needs services, such as; resource sharing, building community awareness, and education.


SNAC coordinates a support group for families in each of our three main cities (Kingman, Bullhead City, and Lake Havasu City) to have discussions and trainings for parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs.  Click here for the meeting dates and times.

SNAC has also played an integral roll in working to identify how to best help those with special needs in our communities.  The Mohave County Department of Public Health as part of the Health in Arizona Policies Initiative has developed four surveys to identify the needs and gaps in services from families and providers of children and youth with special healthcare needs in Mohave County.  Please help them out by clicking on the survey that best fits you and completing it:

Parent-Caregiver Survey

Youth Survey (ages 14-22, but a Parent Consent is required for ages 14-17)

Healthcare Provider Survey

Teacher Survey

I have attached below an Introductory Letter for the survey (Survey Introduction Letter (2)).  Please pass this along to any family, friends, parents, coworker, fellow providers, etc.  They are hoping to be able to determine the needs of our community, such as special needs playgrounds, etc.

What other resources do you know about in our area?  Please comment to share with other families and healthcare providers.


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